The Silfx Seating team is getting ready for our trans-Atlantic flight to Hamburg, Germany for this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo. As we prep for our trip, one thing always comes to mind (especially in this industry)…seating! With limited non-stop flights internationally and travel times well over 10 hours you can see why comfort is the driving force behind passenger satisfaction.

In a recent survey, “89 percent of survey respondents felt that comfortable seats were an important requirement of air travel.” With airplane designs including smaller seats and less overall space, now is a perfect time to invest in a seating solution designed for lasting passenger comfort.

This led me to compile my very own comfort checklist below. I’ve compiled these tips and tricks over the years to save me from ruffling my tail feathers. I’m hoping they will help you find comfort in coach!

  1. Check or These user-friendly websites tell you which seats to avoid and which seats have extra legroom!  (Check in online as early as possible to select prime seating.)
  2. Keep it Clean: Avoid leaving your carry-on bag in front of your feet – every inch of space is added legroom for you to stretch out.
  3. Try to catch some shut-eye: Bring a horseshoe-shaped pillow, shawl/blanket, eye mask and ear plugs to turn off the world around you.
  4. Dress comfortably: Wear clothing that is breathable and loose fitting for a more comfortable flight.

What are some tips you live by? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @SilfxSeating.

Safe travels!  Orville

P.S. Don’t forget to stop by our booth 7A21 at the Aircraft Interiors Expo to learn more about the comfort and durability of Silfx open-cell silicones!

The biggest show in the aircraft interiors industry kicks off Tuesday, April 9th in Hamburg, Germany and you can join!  During the 2013 Aircraft Interiors Expo, we’ll be sharing photos from the booth plus updates from Orville, our favorite frequent flyer.

Orville is finishing his world tour and will arrive in Hamburg on Tuesday, April 9th. Have you followed Orville’s travels around the globe in his search  for comfort? Check out his travel log on our Facebook page to see how many stops you recognize!

Are you traveling to the Aircraft Interiors Expo?  Visit our booth (#7A1) to test Silfx and meet our experienced product specialists.

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Orville is taking flight!

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Our favorite frequent flyer is traveling around the world in his quest for comfort, and you can join! Check in every week for photos from Orville’s trip. Think you know where he is? Guess the airport in the photo to gain Travel Expert status. Orville’s final destination is the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany in April. Follow Orville on his journey and be sure to share your own travel stories!

This week, to celebrate Passport Day on March 9, Orville is renewing his passport and going abroad.  See where our favorite frequent flyer will land next!

Have an idea for our favorite frequent flyer’s next stop? Suggest an airport in our blog and you might see your idea here in Orville’s travel log! Share your suggestions in the comments below:

Orville Trip

It’s official: Our favorite frequent flyer has a name! Congratulations to Carloyn N. for submitting the winning name: Orville!

Like the Wright brothers, Orville is taking his passion to the skies.  He may not have invented flight, but he invented the way to do it comfortably: with Silfx! Now Orville is traveling around the world in search of what makes flying more comfortable.

From nosy neighbors to fitful passengers, there are a lot of things that can disrupt your comfort.  But with Silfx, your seat won’t be one of them.

Follow Orville as he embarks on a comfort mission and be sure to share your stories, too.  And stay tuned because we’re going to give you the chance to try Silfx for yourself.  In our next blog, we’ll tell you how you and your friends can set out on your own search for comfort with Silfx.

Do you think Orville should have a layover at a certain airport?  Share it with us in the Comments section!  Keep up with our favorite frequent flyer on Facebook and Twitter and you just might see your idea in Orville’s travel log!


Greetings to all frequent travelers!

Our favorite frequent flyer needs a name, and you can help!  From now until January 15, 2013, “Like” us on Facebook to submit your idea and you could win a $1,000 American Express Travel Voucher!

Frequent Flyer ContestOur friend travels around the globe on the world’s most comfortable seats, and so could you!  In addition to an AMEX travel voucher, you will receive a sample of the newest innovation in seating comfort: silfx.

“Like” us on Facebook and share your idea for a chance to win!  One entry per person, duplicate entries will be discarded.  Submit your creative idea by 5:00 EST on January 15, 2013 and your next flight could be on us!  Winners will be announced at a special event on January 21, 2013 and right here on our blog.

Be sure to check back to see if you’ve WON!

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